August 24, 2018 is the 170th birth anniversary Eugene Lanceray

August 24, 2018 is the 170th birth anniversary Eugene Lanceray (1848-1886). The sculpture’s artistic heritage invariably kindles the interest of researchers of the Russian culture history, the art connoisseurs and collectors.

Being young and full of energy, Lanceray created about four hundred works in the course of his short lifetime. Many of them are stored in the Russian State Museum, in the State Tretyakov Gallery, in other museums and private collections. The sculptor succeeded in combining the truth of life and the aesthetics of academicism in his creative works.

Eugene Lanceray became interested in sculpture at the tender age. His numerous Russian trips, voyages to England, France, Austria, Belgium and many other countries played a major role in the sculptor’s personality development and formation. Lanceray studied the works of famous sculptors, visited museums, galleries, and observed the people’s habits. Traveling through Kyrgyzstan, Bashkiria and the Caucasus, the sculptor was keenly interested in the life of the local population.

Lanceray often turned to the images of representatives of the peoples of Russia and Little Russia in his creative work. The sculptor showed the trivial life of ordinary people, the process of their hard work and the peculiarities of everyday life. He approached his every single work with particular care, was extremely accurate in small things, he had keen eye for details - whether it was clothes, household items or facial expressions. Such perception of depth and the created characters variety made it possible for Lanceray's works to present the greatest interest for the art connoisseurs up to the present time.

The popularity of Lanceray's works is largely stipulated by his distinctive character and uniqueness. The sculptor did not tolerate templates, stencils and stereotypes. He preferred the truthfulness of compositions. He never imitated other people's works. The dramatic scenes, filled with a range of diverse feelings are depicted in his sculptures. The sculptor was not afraid to be honest, he was not afraid to show life without any embellishment.

At present, the works of E. Lanceray are stored in more than 60 Russian museums; they are the property of foreign museums and private collectors.

The sculptor’s works from the Museum Collection permanent exposition are presented in new thematic photo album.

Interesting facts from the sculptor’s biography are in the section AUTHORS.

The sculptor’s works are in the collection section SCULPTURES.

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