New photo album devoted to the Museum's permanent exhibition is posted in our Photo Gallery

New selection of photos of the Museum cite is presented in our Photo Gallery. The collection exhibits and museum thematic zones are shown in the photo album.

Multifarious self-playing musical instruments - organs, harmoniums, roller organs and organettes, orchestrions, player pianos, disc and cylinder musical music boxes; gramophones and phonographs – all those items are housed on the first and second floors. Watches and clocks collection, numbering more than 500 diverse time measurement devices, created in the period from the late 17th century up to the present days is stored there as well.

The works of Russian sculptors from the large-scale Museum’s collection of Russian art bronze of the second half of the 19th-early 20th centuries are exhibited on the third floor. Various exhibits from the Museum’s collection of decorative and applied art are presented on the third floor as well. They are the works of the major jewellery workshops and jewellers and the best samples of Russian glass art and ceramic art. Unique maps of Transcaucasia and the Mediterranean are housed in the cartographic section on the same floor.

The collection of automata stored on the on the first basement floor and the unique library of music records providing a full picture of the development and evolution of the sound recording process deserve special mention.