On June 14, 1898 Petr Leshchenko - a popular Russian crooner - was born

Today, on June 14, we celebrate the 110th anniversary of birth of the popular baritone singer, performer of folk and character dances, crooner Petr Konstantinovich Leshchenko.

During his artistic career, Leshchenko recorded more than 180 gramophone discs.

In the USSR, Petr Leshchenko was under an unofficial ban, however, the songs that he performed were extremely popular. Only in 1988, Melodiya (Melody) company released a record "Petr Leshchenko is singing", which was called the sensation of the month.

Other interesting facts from the biography of the famous crooner are in the section Authors.

Commemorating the birthday of Leshchenko we prepared a musical selection from our Sound Library.