April 1 is the International Birds Day

The International Birds Day s celebrated within the framework of UNESCO's "Man and the Biosphere” programme. This date was not chosen accidentally - the International Convention for birds’ protection was signed on April 1, 1906.

Birds Day is the first holiday that appeared in the so-called "ecological calendar". For the first time Birds Day was marked in the Soviet Union on April 1, 1927. It was only in 1994, that Russia joined wast celebration of this Day.

Having reached our country, the international Birds Day received great recognition. By that time, the country had already organized birds protection at the governmental level. Dozens of various committees that dealt with the preservation of birds’ species diversity and total abundance were established in the first quarter of the 20th century.

Birds Day is marking not only the Convention anniversary, but also the time when the birds are returning home after wintering, the time when the sunrays are becoming tender and lukewarm. This event became a heart-warming spring tradition in our country.

More than 200 exhibits with birds are stored in the Museum collection. They are – various figurines and images of birds and birdies, singing and moving species are among them.

Amusing automata, caskets, snuffboxes, works oflapidary art, Russian enamel, pocket watches and table clocksand many other exhibits are presented on the Museum site as well.

The thematic album "Singing Birds" is in our Photo gallery.