Today is the international Bird Day

"International Bird Day" is an ecological holiday celebrated annually on April 1. In the USSR, the holiday was officially celebrated since 1926 (with interruptions), in Russia it was revived in 1994. This holiday, dedicated to birds, is held within the framework of UNESCO biological programme “Humans and the biosphere" and there is a good reason for that – the International Convention forBirds’ Protection was signed on April 1, 1906.
International Bird Day has always been popular in Russia. Already in the early 20th century, the protection of birds was organised nationwide – there were dozens of various committees that were involved in the conservation of species diversity and bird numbering in the country.

Bird Day is the time when birds return from wintering grounds, the time of the first warm sunny days. This event has become a good spring tradition.

Exhibits featuring birds are presented in several sections of the museum "Collection" exposition, figurines and images of birds created from different materials are uploaded to the museum site. These are items made of stone and metal, glass, porcelain and ceramics. Among them there are multifarious singing and moving specimens.

Amusing automata, caskets, snuffboxes, lapidary art figurines, images of birds on enamel, on pocket watcheson table clocks and many other exhibits are presented on the Museum site as well.
The album with the images of singing birds" is posted in the museum Photo gallery.