The War Songs dedicated to the Victory Day are allocated in our Sound Library

A compilation of The War songs dedicated to the Victory Day is allocated in our sound library. We will always remember the Victory Day! During those holidays, we present you The War songs recorded from gramophone records of the 1940s-50s that are stored in the Museum Collection. Those melodies are more than half a century old and many of them were created during the severe time of military trials. For the contemporary generation that is not acquainted with realities of the War - those songs might become a living musical chronicle of the past and a sincere testimony of the strength and zest for our people. While listening to them one cannot remain indifferent. Every time when we hear the voices of the performers of that time - Mark Bernes, Leonid Utesov, Claudia Shulzhenko, we are imagining the feelings and the mood of those who lived in rough War times. "Katyusha", "Dark Night", "The Beloved Town" ... millions of people knew those songs by heart. The songs were performed everywhere - at the front and behind the lines. They were the songs that gave people the faith, spiritual strength and optimism. They are not forgotten even now, no matter how the musical fashion and sound technologies have changed. Tunefulness, soulfulness, memorability is the secret of the popularity of the War years’ songs. They will never become obsolete. In our Sound Library, you can also listen to a rare record of 1951 - an extract from the poem by Aleksander Tvardovsky “Vasily Tyorkin”, also known as A Book About a Soldier, performed by Dmitry Orlov.