On January 10, 1747 the founder of the world famous watchmakers’ dynasty "Breguet" was born

Аdapted from: Museum Collection

On January 10, we are celebrating the 270 anniversary of birth of a talented engineer, founder of the world famous watchmakers’ dynasty - Abraham-Louis Bréguet. Inventions of Breguet defined the vector of development of mechanical watchmaking for many years. He designed clock hands that were named "Breguet Apple", created a separate spring for minute repeater, the famous "Breguet Dial" and the perpetual calendar mechanism. He was the first to develop the anti-shock system called "pare-chuté". In 1801, Breguet got a patent for the so-called "tourbillon" (mechanism, compensating the effects of gravity on the accuracy of clocks and watches).  He invented the "eternal" mechanical watches and tactile watches "a tact", which allowed determining the time by touch.

Young Abraham-Louis Breguet began to learn the essentials of watchmaking art being a teenager. He started to work in his stepfather’s workshop when he was 15 years old.  His exceptional talent, his aptitude for mechanics and industriousness enabled him to become an independent and successful master shortly. In 1775, Breguet opened his first store in Paris in the famous quarter of watchmakers in the Île de la Cité. This was the place where he proceeded experimenting and looking for new technical solutions. The legendary watches and clocks that Bréguet had created became the iconic attribute of luxury and high quality in the course of time and were widely spread all over the world.

 Abraham-Louis Bréguet created a dynasty of watchmakers. At first his son worked with him, later his grandchildren and nephews inherited his workshop. Master died at the age of 77. His was involved in his favorite occupation up to the last days of his life. He continued to work and to teach young watchmakers.

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