The exhibit from the Museum "Collection" is presented in the special project “Leonid Sokov. Unforgettable meetings"

Аdapted from: the State Tretyakov gallery

One more exhibit from the Museum "Collection" is exposed on the external museum site. On October 14, in the State Tretyakov gallery on Crimean to the Shaft, 10 The special project "Leonid Sokov. Unforgettable meetings" was opened at the State Tretyakov Gallery on Krymsky Val, 10. The exposition is devoted to Leonid Sokov – painter and sculptor, one of the brightest representatives of Russian Sots Art. This provocative trend appeared in the 70s of the last century, as a way to express their protest against the totalitarian regime, combining a socialist art and American Pop Art.

Special project "Leonid Sokov. Unforgettable meetings" differs essentially from the traditional monographic display. Works of the master are dispersed through the permanent exposition "Art of the XX century" — from halls of early avant-garde art to socialist realism of the 1940-1950th years, making the doing a familiar exposition live and mobile.

Items from private collections, important for the theme disclosure are the integral of this project as well as exhibits from the State Tretyakov Gallery collection. David Iakobachvili provided a bronze sculpture of I. V. Stalin by A. N. Kolodin for the exposition. The sculpture, created in 1950, is presented as one of the elements of the current installation of Leonid Sokov and is accompanied by the sign: "Stalin addresses a modernist sculpture". Installation also includes the miniature replicas of the well-known works by western artists of the XX century.

The exposition will be open until January 29, 2017.

You can see the details of the project on the website of the State Tretyakov gallery: