Music album commemorating the Victory Day in our Sound Library

From: Museum Collection

We have prepared the collection of songs "War Years Melodies" for the Victory Day. The unique gramophone records of the 1940-50th from Museum Collection are presented on the website.

We often hear some of these melodies broadcasted or on the air. They are usually presented in modern processing, with new instruments and voices. Our album gives the chance to hear an old record player reproducing the melodies and live voices of the legendary singers as they sounded during the war times.

There are rarities, such as the song “Katyusha” sung by Valentina Batishcheva, the song "At Night and in the Afternoon" performed by Leonid Utyosov and his daughter Edyta, "Her letter to the Front" of Alexander Vertinsky. Moreover, the popular song "Dark Night" is presented in two different options in our collection. The masters of the Soviet concert platform - Mark Bernes and Leonid Utyosov, perform it.

Our congratulations on the Victory Day! Peaceful sky, welfare and happiness to you and your relatives and friends!

The Album "War Years Melodies: