The new INFOTAG service on our website

From: Museum Collection

The new INFOTAG service is launched in our website. If you aim the cursor on the special mark "i" placed on the exhibit photo (see the example) you will read additional information. Interesting facts about minerals, which our exhibits are made from, are presented in the subsection "Lapidary Works of Art" in the INFOTAG format.

How many centuries the mankind has been using obsidian, wh ere is the largest article made of rhodonite, what mineral was used to make natural ultramarine dyes, what stone was especially adored by the Silver age poets?... You can see the above mentioned and many other informative stories about stones and minerals using INFOTAG "I".

We are planning to spread the INFOTAG service to other sections of the website.

Examples in the subsection "Lapidary Works of Art":