The "J.Verbeeck" organ was moved to the site the Museum "Collection" (video)

Organ, created by the Belgian firm "J. Verbeeck" has been transported to the Museum "Collection". Its assembling and tuning begun in the end of January. The eloquent tone of the organ proceeds due to reading of the punched tape folded in so-called "book".

Anselmo Gavioli patented «Book organ» playing the punched tapes, made from dense cardboard, which are folded in «books» in zigzag fashion, in 1892. "Books" became an important evolution step for music storage devices for mechanical items, having expanded a variety of reproduced music. Wooden rolls with brackets and pins were most often used before this invention. This fact significantly limited the organ options - the instrument could reproduce only a few rather short melodies. It is rather curious, but the punched tapes are still used in large organs during fun fairs.

The video of assembling and tuning of the J. Veerbeck organ: