01.08 — 31.08.2015

Historical events and memorials of August

The outstanding sculptor Evgeny Aleksandrovich Lanceray (1848-1886) would have turned 167 years old in September 2016. Lanceray studied law, he did not have special art education, nevertheless is well known as a brilliant sculptor-animalist. In 1869 Imperial Arts Academy ranked Lanceray as the prominent artist of the 2nd degree, later the rank was raised up to the 1st degree. Horses became the favorite theme for the artist. Lanceray depicted horses so perfectly and precisely that many well-known manufacturers, such as Chopin, Sazikov and Grachev had acquired the right for replication of his sculptures. When the sculptor was 37 years old, he got sick with a consumption, but did not stop working up to the death, at the age of 40. Sculpture compositions demonstrating Lanceray’s favorite images of horses are exhibited in the museum Collection.

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