Objects with musical mechanism and automaton

Musical fob seal

    Musical fob seal

    Circa 1820

    Steel, brass; mechanical work, gilding, soldering, polishing, chasing

    Height 4.0 cm


    Gilded fob from thin metal in the shape of oval case contains miniature musical movement. The case lateral surface is formed by alternating smooth and corrugated strips. The polished flat lid fastened with two screws closes the case bottom side. Activating lever is on the wide lateral side. The handle comprised of two identical embossed figures is fixed on the smooth upper side. Each figure is formed by ornately shaped arcs with the chased images of the hippopotamuses between them. Two halves of the handle are soldered together at the top. Thin arches resting on hemispheres on the lateral sides connect the halves. Rod with bushing on which suspension ring serving to wind the musical movement is put on, passes through the handle. The miniature musical movement with spring engine is comprised of pinned cylinder and stack of tuned slats.