Objects with musical mechanism and automaton

Musical fob seal with chatelaine

    Musical fob seal with chatelaine


    Circa 1830

    Gold, steel, brass, cloth; mechanical works, gilding, soldering, polishing

    3.4 x 2.9 x 2.3 cm, chatelaine 10.5 x 2.3 cm


    Golden fob in the form of oval case comprised of miniature musical movement and ornately shaped handle. The case lateral surface is decorated with corrugation. The polished flat lid closes the case bottom side. The mechanism activating button is located on the grooved side. The handle comprised of two polished hollow arcs is attached to the smooth convex upper side. The arcs join inside the polished sphere at the top. The arc split ends rest on the balls at the bottom. The rod, which serves to wind the movement, passes through the handle. Winding crank, made in the form of openwork round cage, surrounded by the chain of balls is fixed on the rod inside the handle. The miniature musical movement with spring engine is comprised of pinned cylinder and stack of steel tuned slats.
    Dark brown cloth chatelaine with the monogram "AS", ornately shaped buckle and carabiner on the short chain is fastened to the handle.