Objects with musical mechanism and automaton

Musical fob seal (in the box)

    Musical fob seal (in the box)


    Circa 1850

    Gold, steel, brass; mechanical works, soldering, gilding, chasing, polishing

    4.5 x 2.8 x 2 cm


    Gilded fob is made of thin metal in the form of octagonal case, containing miniature musical movement. The side surface is formed by alternating smooth and corrugated strips. Hinged polished lid closes the bottom side. Sliding switch is placed on the wide lateral side. A handle comprised of two identical relief images of a mermaid singing and playing the lyre is attached to the smooth upper side. The mermaid long flowing hair falls over her naked torso. Long scaly tail under the skirt, turns into smooth wide arc framing the mermaid figure. Two halves of the handle are soldered together in the upper part and connected by thin bow in the bottom. The handle is attached to the body upper with miniature convex legs. A rod with annular suspension at the end passes through the handle, serving to wind the musical movement. The suspension is made in the form of wide profile ring. The miniature spring-driven musical movement is comprised of pinned cylinder and a stack of tuned slats. The set includes Black box with lodgment, hinged lid and goldish shell is in the set.