Objects with musical mechanism and automaton

Musical fob seal

    Musical fob seal


    Circa 1830

    Gold, steel, brass; embossing, gilding, mechanical work, soldering

    4.1 x 3 x 2.5 cm


    Golden fob is in the form of oval case containing a miniature musical movement. A handle consisting of two identical openwork lattices made of wire arcs, complemented by polished balls is soldered to the body from above. The arcs converge under two hemispheres from above. The case side surface is finished with corrugation, the upper convex and flat lower sides are smooth polished. A rod with annular suspension at the end, serving to wind the musical movement passes through the handle. Silver mark is on the suspension ring. Miniature musical movement with spring engine is comprised of pinned metal cylinder and sound comb. The movement is activated by lever placed on the case side.