Objects with musical mechanism and automaton

Singing bird box

    Singing bird box

    Germany, Geneve

    circa 1900

    Griesbaum, Karl's firm

    Brass, steel, feathers; presswork, soldering

    11.2 x 6.2 x 7.5 cm, 601 gr

    Master's mark in the form of a bird over three mountain peaks and letters "K" and "G" on the sides. On the box side "3"


    Rectangular singing bird box made of copper alloy with bevelled ribs on curly feet. The sides of the case are decorated with presswork floral ornament. The lanes of parallel strokes are on the vertical ribs and along the perimeter of the upper panel. A pull-out drawer with a handle-ring is on the bottom panel. An oval lid in the center of the top panel automatically opens when the movement is turned on, from beneath it appears a miniature bird in painted feathers, which rotates in place, flaps its wings, opens and locks the beak. The sound mechanism imitates bird’s chirping. At the end of the program, the bird is hidden under the openwork gilded lattice and the lid is lowered.

    The lid inner surface is mirror-polished. A small opening drawer for the winding key is on the bottom panel.