Objects with musical mechanism and automaton

Singing bird box with clock

    Singing bird box with clock

    Austro-Hungarian Empire


    Silver, stones, brass, steel, feathers, enamel; casting, chasing, champlevé enamel, glazed enamel, gem stones setting

    Width 17.5 cm, 1340 gr

    On the left lateral side: Austrian silver mark "800" alloy of 1867-1922 - dog's head with number "3"


    Singing bird box in cast silver gilded octagonal case on four applied scrolling feet with blue enamel ornaments and red stones. A tree with bluish-green enamel leaves, cast figures of a sitting girl with a wreath and a garland, a standing boy in multicoloured enamel dress and lying dog bordered by frames with geometric ornamentation are on the top chased panel. A gilded singing birdcage with a finial in the form of a pinecone is mounted on cylindrical base with chased ornament and fixed on the openwork round lattice in the center of the composition. The lateral sides are decorated with a relief ornament of flowers, leaves and curls of polychrome champlevé enamel on repousse field. The movement on/off lever is on the right lateral side, the hallmark is on the left side, a keyhole for the bird's movement key and six screws with nuts are on the bottom side.

    When the movement is turned on, a miniature bird in painted feathers of black, green, yellow colours turns in place, flaps its wings, moves its tail, opens and closes the beak. Musical movement imitates bird’s chirping.

    Brass key for the bird’s winding with a grip in the form of a bird profile with an aperture and a rod with a square cross-section channel.