Objects with musical mechanism and automaton

Cabinet-shaped singing bird box

    Cabinet-shaped singing bird box

    Austria, Vienna


    Silver, ruby, brass, steel, feathers, ivory; casting, engraving, carving, gem stones setting, enamel over guilloche

    20.4 х 10.5 х 6 сm, 677 g

    On the bottom panel marks of Austrian sterling silver 1872-1922: Diana's head, “950”, Vienna's city mark, maker's mark in triangle


    Singing bird in a cage on the box in the form of a cabinet. The box stands upon silver and enamel cabriole legs and the singing bird box is in the shape of a cabinet with canted corners on which are applied silver motifs. The base is decorated with silver gilt pierced frieze. Each side has an ivory bust of a woman beautifully carved and within a silver gilt frame. The front of the cabinet with pull up panel with silver gilt mounts, the back and the top with full panels of iridescent blue guilloche enamel bordered with white enamel lines. On top of the cabinet stands a silver gilt bird cage with a ruby handle. Within the cage, the bird sings, moves from left to right and flaps his wings on pulling a silver lever within the pull up panel. An aperture for activating the bird’s movement, screw head and hallmarks are on the bottom panel.