Objects with musical mechanism and automaton

Music snuffbox

    Music snuffbox

    Great Britain, Switzerland, London, Geneve

    circa 1819

    Nicole Freres, Edward Watson

    Gold, brass, steel, bronze; guilloche, engraving, chasing, casting

    8.8 х 5.5 х 3.2 cm, 471 gr

    On the lid inner side: “WE”, on the bottom of the tobacco compartment: London mark of gold; the date mark "d" (1918); gold alloy "18", the tollage stamp - George III profile. On the case internal side handwritten inscription "Edward Watson maker 24 King St Cheapside London". On the key "6". On the movement: «F Nicole", "371".


    Snuffbox in rectangular gold case with rounded vertical ribs and a hinged top lid. A massive cast onlay with a bas-relief image of a hunter’s trophy, tree branches and sheaf gleanings on the table is on the lid. Master’s mark and British Assay Chamber hallmark are on the inner mirror-polished surfaces. Bottom and side surfaces of the case are decorated with engine-turned fields in thin smooth frames. Rounded corners are smooth, polished. A square cross-section aperture for a winding key is in the bottom side. A music movement with a program cylinder and an audio comb plays two tunes. A sliding button on the front side of the case activates it. the tunes switch lever is to the right. A winding key with a steel rod and a moulded cast grip with a swivel ring.