Objects with musical mechanism and automaton

Music snuffbox

    Music snuffbox


    circa 1820

    Gold, pearl, brass, steel; guilloche, painted enamel, punch work

    5.7 х 4.2 х 2.1 cm, 135 gr

    "7" on the key

    Delicate and rare music snuffbox in gold case with polychrome enamel painted flower compositions. The miniature on the lid is in pearl's halves and punched ornament frame. The images on the side panels are separated with punched inserts. The lid internal side and tobacco compartment under it are mirror-polished. Guilloched field from horizontal waves bordered with punched frames, a keyhole is in the bottom corner. Two pearl buttons are on the front panel: for the music movement activating and tunes replay cancelling. The internal lid closes the music movement with soft sound, which consists of rotating programmed cylinder for one tune with thin pins and sound comb. The winding key grip in the form of an oval and ring connected by hexagon screw with figure “7”; the key cylindrical rod with a square aperture from the face end.