Objects with musical mechanism and automaton

Music box

    Music box

    Western Europe

    turn of the 20th century

    Silver, steel, brass, wood; casting, woodcarving, painting

    5.4 х 10.4 х 7.0 cm, 306 gr


    Painted wood and silver rectangular music box in wooden case with silver corner fringing and a hinged lid. A picturesque scene with musicians and a dancing couple is on the external surface of the lid. An image of a lawn with trees and buildings on the riverbank in the on the inner lid side. An aqueduct and watermill image is on the front panel. A park with a pavilion is on the on the left side panel, a forest lake with a house in the evening light and an aperture for the rod of the music movement are on the right panel. A landscape with a tree in the foreground in on the rear panel. A park fragment with a rotunda and an aperture for a spring winding are on the bottom. The inner lid that covers the music movement is removable, with an image of musical instruments. A music movement is spring motor, a program cylinder and a steel sound comb. Key grip is in the form of a flat disk with an aperture and two rods with square cross-section.