Objects with musical mechanism and automaton

Harp-shaped pendant with automaton and watch inserts

    Harp-shaped pendant with automaton and watch inserts


    circa 1810

    Gold, diamonds, brass, steel; engraving, champlevé enamel, gem stones setting

    Gold pendulum in the form of a harp with music movement consists of a case-resonator, a curved neck with ornament, decorated with blue enamel lozenge, ornament in the form of leaves over black enamel, eighteen strings, vertical bar and a chain with a ring. A painted enamel with the image of allegory of music is on the case front panel. An aperture for the movement’s spring winding is on the blue ornamented enamel beneath the front panel. A hinged panel with a clock in the frame of pearls is below. The clock with a white enamel dial with Roman numerals and an aperture for a spring winging. Clock movement with the fusee. A quiver with arrows in white enamel frame over the field of dark-blue transparent enamel with a lever for switching on the music movement is on the left hinged panel. A bar in the form of a column with a capital decorated with floral ornament on blue enamel with a rosette of pearls, with two pearls necklaces, is interwoven with a narrow blue champlevé enamel ribbon. Pegs on the fretboard are small rose cut diamonds. A music movement with a sound comb with steel prongs and a program cylinder with pins. There is a protector from an accidental start of the movement. The pendant was produced for the Chinese market.