Objects with musical mechanism and automaton

Harp-shaped pendant with automaton

    Harp-shaped pendant with automaton

    Switzerland, Geneve


    Piguet & Capt.

    Gold, diamonds, pearl, brass, steel; painted enamel, enamel champlevé, gem stones setting

    Height 3.2 cm; width 7.4 cm; depth 4.5 cm, 144 g

    “L”, “V” near the regulator

    Gold pendant in the form of a harp consists of a resonator case with a deck, a curved neck, fifteen strings, a vertical bar and a chain. There is an enamel painting depicting the allegory of music on the front panel of the body frame. A bow and quiver with arrows on blue enamel background in a hexagonal frame of half-pearls on a field of transparent enamel of bright blue color are on the left side. A starting lever is on the right side. Black and blue champlevé enamel flowers are on the soundboard. A bar in the form of a column capitel, decorated with a floral ornament over blue enamel with a rosette of pearls, and with three pearl beads is interwined with an ornamented gold ribbon and a narrow ribbon of blue champlevé enamel. The pegs on the neck are small rose-cut diamonds. A music movement is with fifteen teeth and steel comb, five cogs and a program cylinder with pins. A small pin moved along the aperture with graduations and the letters «L» (slowly) and «V» (quickly) adjusts the speed. There is a safety lock preventing an accidental start of the movement.