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Snuffbox with compartment for smelling salts and automaton

    Snuffbox with compartment for smelling salts and automaton


    Circa 1829

    Gold, metal; painted enamel, champlevé enamel

    7.2 х 4.8 х 1.5 cm, 120 gr

    Mark in the shape of a torch with the flame directed left


    Exquisite snuffbox with compartment for smelling salts in gold case, decorated with engraved polychrome enamel floral ornament. An oval medallion is on the upper hinged lid. It is decorated with flowers and leaves enamel composition of green, blue, yellow and orange colours. It is surrounded by engraved floral ornaments. Mirror polished compartment for snuff tobacco is under the lid. Two compartments with hinged lids are to the right and to the left. The engraved open-work hinged lattice is in the left compartment for smelling salt. A hallmark, a buton that opens the bottom panel and a pin are in the confidential right compartment. The pin sets in motion the automaton that is made of covered with polychrome enamel metal, with a frivolous scene "l'amant travesti".