Objects with musical mechanism and automaton

Musical tobacco pipe

    Musical tobacco pipe

    Austria, Vienna

    Early 19th century

    Silver, steel, brass; knockout, guilloched work, soldering, punch work

    17.5 х 8.6 х 4.5 cm, 301 gr

    Engraving on the shank: “247” and monogram “I B”. On the key grip: "4" in hexagonal frame. Round mark with letters “B I T”(?), mark in the form of a circle with horizontal diameter, vertical radius, figure 13 inside and letters at the sides


    Smoking pipe in the form of an owl sitting on the steel ball, an expanding shank is going out of it. Silver, gold-plated owl figure is decorated by punch work in the form of feathers, its head is covered by punch work in the form of notches. The eyes are red transparent agate cabochons surrounded by radial punching. Apertures for smoke are on both head sides and under the beak. The head is hinged bachwards opening the tobacco compartment. Two round marks are on head top. The music movement is activated by a round button, that is located in the lower hemisphere, guilloched with crossing circles. A keyhole is in the lower part of the hemisphere and closed by a round hinged lid. The music movement with flat programe disk with pins and 18 steel oscillating “tongues”. The set includes a winding key with a cylindrical rod and a grip made of two rings, connected via the plate in the form of an hexagon with rounded angles.