Objects with musical mechanism and automaton

Singing bird box

    Singing bird box


    Late 19th century

    Silver, chrysoprases, yellow metal, feathers, brass, steel; gilding, guilloche, niello, gem stones setting

    11.5 x 9 x 5 cm, 670 gr

    Two stamps with swans in ovals; on the bottom lid edge, on the key grip "3.00-NO 3"


    Box in silver case in the shape of a book. The spine of the book, the upper and lower binding covers are decorated with chasing. The imitation of embossed leather is on the spine and curly ornament on the covers. The lateral sides are shaped as a book cut. The spine is decorated with volumetric chased borders with floral ornament, mascarons and curly chased cord. The spin is shifted, opening a storage compartment for trifles. The covers are locked with openwork hinged clasps with cast images of women with babies in their arms and mascarons. Cast corner pieces are fixed on the binding corners. The corner pieces on the upper side are decorated with branches and mascarons and the cornerpeices on the bottom - with green chrysoprases cabochons. The chrysoprases cabochons serve as the case feet. There are hinged oval lids in the center of the upper and bottom sides. The barelief image of the Crucifixion is on the bottom lid surface. Chased cartouche with keyhole is under the hinged lid. Bas-relief image of the Annunciation is on the upper hinged lid. The movement is switched on by the pin on the right side, the lid opens and a tiny bird in painted feathers appears. It spins in place, flaps its wings, opens and closes the beak; the sound movement imitates bird's chirping. At the end of the movement's work the bird hides and the lid descends. The grip of the winding key with two apertures and inscription.