Objects with musical mechanism and automaton

Music snuffbox

    Music snuffbox

    Switzerland, Geneve


    Gold, brass, steel, leather; engraving, guilloche, tooling, punch work

    7.8 х 4.9 х 1.9 cm, 196 gr

    On the label: 'Sotheby's L11309, Lot 0147/3, 14th April 2011' , on the blank: printed text UHRMACHERMEISTER' Hűbner seit 1914'; handwritten text "vorderseite music wahl rűckseite: 1x hin und her = 1x melodie an aus aufruű unter seite mit Shlűsssel". Illegible mark in lozenge, seal "18 К".


    Rectangular golden snuffbox in the case with rounded vertical ribs, decorated with punched and engraved ornament combined with champleve enamel. Enamel image of antique amphora, tambourin and  basket of flowers in the field of guilloched horizontal waves widely framed with floral ornament with amphoras, flowers and blue elements in octagonis ornates top lid. The illegible mark in lozenge and a seal are on the internal mirror-polished lid surface. Tobacco compartment is under the lid. Guilloched waves field framed by the Neo classic patterns comprised of petals, leaves and vases with blue enamel elements are on the bottom and side panels. A keyhole is in the left corner of the bottom panel; the tunes selection button is on the case front side; the tunes activation button is on the right lateral side. The internal lid closes the movement which consists of rotating cylinder with thin pins for two tunes and steel sound comb. A winding key with brass ring grip, and cylindrical rod with a square cross-section at the end. The snuffbox is stored in bordeaux color morocco box with two rim locks and is covered with light cloth inside. A label with information concerning the auction and a form of "Hűbner" clock maker with handwritten inscription concerning the movement operating  in German are inside the box.