Mantel and Table Clocks

Square dial mystery clock

    Square dial mystery clock

    France, Paris


    Robert-Houdin Jean Eugene

    Wood, steel, brass, glass, fabric; mechanical works, glass work, gilding

    Height 33 cm


    Clock in rectangular polished mahogany case, with profiled plinth, protruding moulding and polished brass top plate of goldish colour.
    Fluted column is fixed on chiselled stepped stand in the upper panel centre. Translucent glass clock shield in square profiled frame is mounted on the column. The clock dial with goldish Arabic numerals for hours’ designation, dots for minutes’ divisions on the external ring and two openwork gilded hands. The hands have no visible connection with the clockwork. The dial is a package of four transparent sheets of glass, one of which is slightly swayed by the clockwork - by means of rod passing through the support column, it makes minute hand move and then hour hand moves as well through the miniature gearbox placed in the dial center. From below, the mechanism is closed by brass plate with two apertures with inscriptions for the winding key and the key for hands adjusting, serial number “4140”, mark in oval frame and the country of origin “FRANCE”. The clock mechanism is balanced, with the attached silver-plated lever escapement, escapement control with letters “S”, “F” and spring motor. The clock belongs to the so-called fifth series of Mystery Clock with square translucent glass dial and two hands by the French watchmaker Eugene Robert Houdin.