Mantel and Table Clocks

Musical quarter striking mantel clock

    Musical quarter striking mantel clock

    Austrian Empire, Vienna


    Philipp Fertbaur

    Wood, steel, brass, glass, bronze, enamel, fabric; carpentry and mechanical works, casting, gilding

    29.5 x 17.5 x 36 cm


    Musical clock in cast cylindrical case of gilded bronze, with ornament in the form of two strips of corn ears on the polished lateral surface, on four curved feet in the form of lion paws, decorated with the allegorical figure of fading love with sandglass. White enamel dial is behind the door with convex glass. Arabic numerals for hours’ designation and Arabic numerals for minutes’ designation in fifteen divisions, two blue-finished hands, three apertures for winding the clock, hour and quarter strike and inscription “FERTBAUR IN WIEN” are on the dial. The aperture for the clock adjusting is near the numeral "45" on the minutes’ scale. Repeater cord is on the case right lateral side surface. Openwork screwed panel, covered with brown fabric is on the case rear side. The clock is mounted on rectangular mahogany stand with protrusions on the front and rear sides, decorated with mascarons - heads of lions with rings of gilded brass in their mouths, with protruding plinth, on four goldish supports. Detachable panel that gives access to the musical movement is on the rear side – the organ with fifteen wooden pipes, bellows, spring motor, fusee and pinned cylinder for eleven melodies. An aperture with pin for winding the organ mechanism is on the case right side panel, a cord for optional start and turn off button are on the bottom panel. The clock mechanism is pendulum, with lever escapement, three spring motors and an hour and quarter strike. The musical movement is activated every hour or optionally. Three keys are in the set.