Mantel and Table Clocks

Mantel clock with the figure of a man wearing the Renaissance style suit

    Mantel clock with the figure of a man wearing the Renaissance style suit

    Russian Empire, Saint-Petersburg

    The 1830-1840s

    Samuel Wehl workshop

    Steel, brass, bronze, glass; mechanical works, casting, gilding, enamel

    41.0 x 32 x 14.5 cm

    Engraved mark with inscription is on the case rear side: "S. Wehl St. Petersburg". On the clockwork mounting plate: “4846”


    Cast sculptural composition featuring a male figure sitting on a hillock in a melancholy attitude is mounted on gilded rectangular base with wide socle. The man sits with his chin resting on the bent wrist of his right hand, with distant eyes. He holds a scroll with the inscription in Latin letters – JERUSALEM in his left hand. The man is wearing a 16th century style European suit - short jacket with puff sleeves and wide lace collar, intercepted by the scarf with bow, and short cape is on his shoulders. Fluffy short pants are with longitudinal slits, stockings and shoes with buckles - on his feet. Beret with feather lies nearby. Round clockwork with white enamel dial in the bezel, decorated with a ring of beads and wreath of leaves and flowers is mounted on the ”hillock”. Black Roman numerals and minutes’ divisions, central black blued hands are on the dial. The Breguet type hour hand, type, the minute hand is pike-shaped. Round apertures with square pins for winding key are near the four and eight o’clock marks. The clock with half-hour strike upon bell, two spring motors and pendulum on silk suspension, with a pin for clock escapement adjustment above the twelve o’clock mark. Oval window giving access to the clockwork is in the rear side. Three sides of the base are framed by high-embossed cast plinth with the ornament comprised of foliage elements, volutes, rocailles and acanthus leaves. The socle front side is covered with embossed cast onlay with similar décor. Onlay sides merge into ornately shaped curly feet. The lentil-shaped mark of the workshop "S. Wehl St. Petersburg" is squeezed on the base smooth rear side.