Mantel and Table Clocks

Mantel clock "Chinese woman with hand fan and parrot"

    Mantel clock "Chinese woman with hand fan and parrot"

    Russian Empire, Saint-Petersburg

    The 1830-1840s

    Samuel Wehl workshop

    Steel, brass, bronze, enamel, glass, сobalt glass; mechanical works, casting, gilding, chasing, repousse

    43 x 33 x 11.7 cm

    On the case rear side: engraved mark with inscription: “S Wehl St.Petersburg”. On the clockwork mounting plate: “3520”


    Cast sculptural composition in the shape of young Chinese woman figure sitting with her feet placed on the the pillow, trimmed with cord and tassels and laid on ornately shaped tabouret is mounted on gilded stand with embossed ornament and smooth socle. The parrot with long hanging down tail sits on the girl’s right hand; fan made of feathers on ornately shaped handle is in her left hand. The Chinese woman is wearing a dress made of heavy cloth with wide sleeves and embroidery in the shape of foliage details, intercepted with twisted sash, harem pants and shoes with curved toes. Ornately shaped laid-on collar with the image of a butterfly is on her shoulders. A drop of cobalt glass is into the girl's hairdo. The vase with flower surrounded by leaves is to the pedestal left side. Round clock with white enamel dial in fluted bezel adorned with concentric bead rings is mounted on the pedestal. Black Roman numerals for hours’ designation, minutes’ divisions and central black the Breguet style hands are on the clock dial. Round apertures with square pins for winding key are near the 4 and 8 o’clock marks. The clock is with half an hour chime on a bell, two spring motors and a pendulum on silk suspension with the clock escapement control knob. Three sides of the box-shaped stand are decorated with embossed ornament made up of foliage elements, fancy birds and acanthus leaves, covering the corners. The image of flower vase, surrounded by a vignette formed by thin arcs is in the center. Ornately shaped border with bells overhands from the top. The workshop mark "S. Wehl St. Petersburg" is engraved on the black flat polished stand side. Cast panel with volumetric ornament comprised from the images of butterflies, shoots and acanthus leaves, turning into curly feet at the corners is under the socle. Two smooth polished feet are screwed on the rear side bottom. The winding key is in the set.