Mantel and Table Clocks

Dome musical table clock

    Dome musical table clock

    Switzerland, Geneve


    Brémond, Baptiste-Antoine

    Wood, metal, steel, brass, enamel; mechanical work, wood carving

    146 x 77 x 33 cm

    On brass plate: “MANUFACTURER/B.A. Bremoud/GENEVA/Switzerland/1872”, “REPEAT/SAME/AIR”, “TO STOP/ TO START”. On socle top side: “BAB”


    Clock in the form of carved wooden model of a Gothic cathedral, mounted on high socle with a concave plinth and cornice. The socle lateral sides are adorned with carved gothic arched ornament. Brass panel with switches for the musical movement operating modes is on the socle right side. Square pin for winding key is in round aperture. The cathedral building is comprised from the central clock tower topped with high four-sided finial with lancet window, pinnacle and cross. Four turrets with carved windows and pinnacles frame the finial. Decorative attic-gable, with three elongated blind niches is in front the finial. Lancet portal with stained-glass panel and two round leaded glass windows is in the first tier of the central tower. Three lancet colored leaded glass window are above. Clock dial put in round window-rose is in the façade upper part. Goldish Roman numerals designating hours are painted on blue enamel ornately shaped bars. Two central gilded hands show hours and minutes. Two pins for winding key in round apertures are in the dial central part. Numerals “1872” are carved above the dial. The central part on the right and the left is supported by buttresses in the form of outbuildings decorated with quadrangular turrets and connected to the tower by arc-boutants. The cathedral facade is decorated with pilasters with blind lancet niches with the figurines of clergymen in episcopal toggery. One figurine stands at the cathedral doors. Rear side of the model is detachable, closed by hooks. It covers the pendulum clockwork mechanism. Two winding keys are in the set.