Mantel and Table Clocks

Organ table clock

    Organ table clock

    France / Switzerland, La Chaux-de-Fonds

    The 1860s, circa 1770 (musical mechanism)

    H&F/Josue Robert (musical mechanism)

    Wood, bronze, steel glass, brass, fabric; engraving, wood carving, mechanical work, gilding

    On the clock mounting plate rear side: “H&F/ PARIS/ 3475”; on the rim: “564P”; on the musical movement mounting plate : “J. Robert / La Chaux de Fonds”


    Musical clock is in the shaped gilded bronze case, with cast ornament featuring flower garlands, curls and leaves, with finial and supports in the form of acanthus leaves is mounted on black rectangular wooden base with protruding corrugated columns with Ionic capitals. The stand with musical movement is decorated with gilded ornamental onlays; the stand top panel perimeter is decorated with balustrade with cones in the corners and gilded embossed border with corrugated ornament. The hinged doors with openwork arches and wrapped screw handles are on the façade and lateral sides. The door with two openwork rectangular panels is on the rear side. All doors are tightened with lilac fabric from the inner side; melody change pin is on the left door. White enamel clock dial is with blue Roman numerals for hours’ designation and Arabic numerals for minutes’ designation in five divisions, with two ornately shaped engraved handles in the style of Louis XV, two winding holes for winding the clockwork and the clock strike and an aperture for the clockwork adjustment. The dial is closed by the door with convex glass in bezel with embossed ornament and latch. The door with frosted glass closes the clock rear side. The manufacturer's stamp and the number: “H&F PARIS”, “3475”on the mounting plate are behind the glass.
    Musical mechanism – an organ comprised of seventeen metal pipes with wooden pinned barrel for eight melodies and spring motor plays one of eight melodies every hour or optionally when the knob on the stand top panel is switched on. Engraved foliage ornament and the inscription: “J. Robert / La Chaux de Fonds” are on the movement mounting plate. Clock mechanism with pendulum on tabulate suspension, with lever escapement, two spring motors with fusees, half-hour chime on bell with the notch wheel. To keys are in the set