Mantel and Table Clocks

Musical double-dial quarters striking table clock with calendar

    Musical double-dial quarters striking table clock with calendar

    Great Britain, London

    The 1820s

    Mc Cabe James

    Wood, metal, bronze, fabric; mechanical work, casting, gilding, silvering

    135 x 81 x 67 cm

    Inscriptions on indexes: “MON / TUE / WED / THU / FRI / SAT / SUN ”, “JAN / FEB / MAR / APR / MAY / JUN / JUL / AUG / SEP / OCT / NOV / DEC”. On the dial and on the mounting plate: “James McCabe”, “Royal Exchange”, “London”, “3192”


    Musical clock in wooden case, painted in dark brown and varnished, with cast goldish and silvery applied decorative elements, with columns crowned with phiales, with double dial. Onlays in the shape of wreaths with ribbons and leaves are on the socle the corners, with profiled stronghold-shaped base with goldish ornament on silvery surface. Slotted goldish lattices are on the socle lateral panels, covered with goldish mesh from the inner side. Arched doors with openwork lattices, closed from the inside with silk fabric are on the case lateral sides. Silvered dial shields are on the case front and rear sides behind the glazed arched doors with locks. Dial shields with engraved clock dials, with Roman numerals for hours’ designation and minutes’ divisions, with two central black hands, three apertures for winding the clock escapement, clock strike and chime on one of the dials. Four orbicular indexes with hands are in the arches: the days of the month with the numerals "1, 5, 10, 15, 20, 25.31", weekdays, months and the lunar calendar with the numerals: "5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 29" and engraved inscriptions in the central part: “James McCabe”, “Royal Exchange”, “London”, “3192”. The clock mechanism is pendulum, with lever escapement, three spring motors, a quarter chime on Carillon of twelve bells, an hour strike on a bell, the complete calendar. Musical movement is mounted in the socle and is comprised of a sound comb with sixty-five teeth, six engraved bells with bee-shaped hammers, pinned cylinder, spring motor and fuse switches on every hour or optionally. The musical movement, chime, strike and clock escapement are key winded. The rod for winding the musical mechanism is on the left side. Three winding keys are in the set.