Mantel and Table Clocks

Hour striking mantel clock with the figure of a man in dressing gown

    Hour striking mantel clock with the figure of a man in dressing gown

    Russian Empire, Saint-Petersburg

    The 1830-1840s

    Samuel Wehl workshop

    Bronze, brass, steel, enamel; casting, gilding, mechanical works, chasing, repousse

    52.5 x 33.5 x 11.0 cm

    On the case rear side: “No.5”; mark with the inscription "S: Wehl St. Petersburg". On the clockwork mounting plate: “11281”, “64”, mark in rectangular frame with the letters “SF&JD” and image of five-pointed star


    Round movement is fixed in rectangular gilded case comprised of two tiers. The case volumetric cast onlay front side is made in the shape of composition, comprised of shoots, acanthus leaves and curls, placed on repousse background. Cartouche with the image of a fruit vase is in the center of the composition between wide leaves. Ornately shaped wands are on both cartouche sides. The composition is enclosed in double fluted frame. Ribbon-shaped border with arcs and pearls is below. Beneath the border is The socle with leaves and volutes is beneath. It merges in recoilless-front feet on the sides, and openwork leaves on the corners. Two ornately shaped polished rear feet are screwed on the bottom. Curls rise up towards the clock face on the front side upper part. Branches with flowers, oak leaves and acorns descend on both sides of the dial.

    White enamel dial is framed with smooth stepped bezel with ring-shaped chain of pearls. Minutes’ divisions and black Roman numerals for hours’ designation are on the dial that is covered with circular door with faceted glass. Two central Breguet type hands are blue-finished. Round apertures with square pins for winding key are near the four and eight o’clock marks. Thin square pin for escapement adjustment is above the twelve o’clock mark. The clock with half an hour strike of the hammer upon bell and two spring motors.

    Cast gilded composition in the shape of a young man figure in dressing gown, holding an opened book in his left hand and pensively staring into the distance is mounted on the case top side. The dressing gown is of thick fabric, embroidered with leaves and curls, girdled with twisted cord. Shirt with horizontal stripes is under the dressing gown. The young man's neck is tied with a scarf; a wig with curls is on his head. He is wearing culottes, stockings and shoes with buckles. The young man left hand rests on ornately shaped column, decorated with voluminous leaves and rocailles. A snake crawls beside the column, from left to right. The fragment of openwork lattice closes the composition rear side. The clock movement is visible through circular window in the smooth polished rear side. The lentil-shaped mark with inscription is on the bottom part: "S. Wehl St. Petersburg"; “5”. The serial number “11281” and the workshop mark in the form of rectangular frame with bevelled corners, five-pointed star with inscription “SF&JD” inside it are on the mounting plate external side.