Mantel and Table Clocks

Half an hour strike mantel clock “Gallant couple”

    Half an hour strike mantel clock “Gallant couple”

    Russia / France, Saint- Petersburg / Montbéliard

    The 1830-1840s

    Vincenti et Cie, Samuel Wehl workshop

    Bronze, metal, enamel, steel, blued steel; casting, fire gilding, mechanical works, chasing, polishing

    39.5 x 26.5 x 12 cm

    On the movement mounting plate: “87”, “69”, mark in circle with circumscription“ MEDAILLE D’ARGENT” and inscription in the center “Vincenti & Cie”, lentil-shaped mark with inscription on the case: “S: WEHL / ST. PETERSBURG”; on the bell: “11”


    Clock in cast ornately shaped gilded bronze case is mounted on the base with smooth upper panel, protruding cornice, embossed ornament in the shape of palmettes, curls, rocailles and leaves, on the front panel cancellated surface. The base lateral surface is ribbed; front supports are in the shape of acanthus leaves.

    Sculptural composition featuring the figures of a young man and a girl in the Louis XIV era style, sitting on a bench with swan heads shaped armrests on the case top side. Goldish dial with bezel decorated by semis pattern and a chain of beads is on the case front panel. Roman numerals for hours’ designation and minutes’ divisions on external dial ring, two apertures with pins for winding the clockwork and strike, lever for escapement adjustment above the twelve o’clock mark and two blued steel hands are on the dial. Round aperture is on the case rear side, the movement is visible behind it, lentil-shaped mark with inscription: “S: WEHL ST. PETERSBURG” is below.

    The clockwork is pendulum on spring suspension with half an hour strike of the hammer upon bell with counting on the notch wheel, lever escapement, with mark in the circle with five-pointed star in the center, 0circumscription “AD.MOUGIN DEUX MĖDAILLES” and two spring motors.