Mantel and Table Clocks

Musical automaton mantel clock

    Musical automaton mantel clock

    Western Europe

    Late 19th century

    Metal, enamel, wood; casting, gilding, mechanical work, patination

    61.5 x 48.5 x 30 cm


    Clock in the form of gilded fortress metal model is mounted on wooden panel that is fixed on massive socle. The socle external sides’ base are paved with seashells, small stones, and colored dark green. Several parts of the model are casted and placed on a rectangular stand. The fortress buildings - the central clock tower and two side extensions that stand on the socle are build long the backside.

    The clock with pendulum lever escapement is mounted on the central tower top under the doble-deck roof. White enamel dial with straight hands, Roman numerals for hours and minutes graduations is the tower façade. Two winding holes are nearby. Round turret with a conical roof is on the flat roof of the left extension; two cannons and a soldier figurine are next to it. Square turret under the tent-shaped concave roof is on the right extension roof. The fragment of the flat shore with the figurines of people, cases, barrel, anchor and a cannon sticking out of the ground are on the forefront of the socle. A staircase rising amid the stones to an arched gate with lattice that is fix up to the round tower with loopholes. The model central part represents water surface with two-masted vessel. The model socle surface is patinated. Other buildings and rocky shore in the foreground are gilded. Musical movement with musical cylinder with sound comb and automaton movement.

    The engine springs are winded with two cords on the base right side and activated independently from the clock by the lever on the model rear side. When the automaton is activated, the vessel starts moving and music sounds. Winding key is in the set.