Mantel and Table Clocks

Half hour striking mantel clock

    Half hour striking mantel clock

    France, Amiens

    Circa 1850

    Flinois Trouille

    Bronze, enamel, steel, brass; gilding, casting, mechanical work

    Height 58 cm

    On nameplates: “TROUILLE”, “a Amiens”


    Clock is mounted in cylindrical case on the shaped base from gilded bronze with onlay and hanging garlands from oak branches, mascaron and embossed ornament, on four paw-shaped cast supports, converting into acanthus leaves. Handles in the shape of laurel wreaths in lions’ mouths are on both lateral sides. Large vase with curved handles and lid with a leafy finial is on the top. Round clock dial with embossed surface, with Roman numerals for hours’ designation on the shaped enamel inserts, two black hands, two apertures with the pins for winding the clock and strike, the pin for the clock escapement adjustment and enamel nameplates with inscriptions “TROUILLE”, “a Amiens” is behind the glazed door on the front side. Minutes’ designation every fifth divisions is on the external chapter-ring. Round window with milk glass is on the case rear side. The clockwork is pendulum on silk suspender, lever escapement, two spring motors, and half hour strike upon the bell with the notch wheel. The key is in the set.