Mantel and Table Clocks

Half hour striking mantel clock

    Half hour striking mantel clock

    France, Paris

    Circa 1840

    Bronze, steel, brass, glass; casting, gilding, patination, mechanical work

    On the rear mounting plate: ”248”


    Clock is mounted in couch-shaped case with armrests in the form of swan heads on curved necks, on rectangular base from patinated bronze with onlay golden edging and embossed ornament of curls, flowers and rocailles at the corners and on the front panel, on patinated socle with gilded edging on four cast supports. The stylish couple, a woman with mirror in her left hand and a man in the Rococo style dresses is on the couch.
    Round clock dial with guilloched surface, with Roman numerals for hours’ designation, minutes’ divisions, two hands and two apertures with pins for winding the clock and strike. The bezel with two rows of small beads and mesh pattern between them. The clock rear mounting plate is visible through the round glazed window. The clockwork is pendulum on silk hanger-suspension, lever escapement, two spring motors, half hour strike upon bell with the notch wheel and number “248” on the rear panel.