Mantel and Table Clocks

Musical quarter striking table clock

    Musical quarter striking table clock

    Great Britain, London

    Circa 1790

    Stephen Rimbault

    Mahogany, bronze, steel, brass, glass; casting, gilding, silvering, engraving, mechanical work

    53 x 32.4 x 23.5 cm

    On the dial: “Stepn Rimbault /London”, on small dials: “Strike”, “Silent”, “8, 16, 24, 32, 40, 48”


    Clock in mahogany case with the arched-shape upper part, decorated with gold onlay, with gilded lamps with the images of flame in the corners, an eagle with the outstretched wings on the pedestal with sphere is mounted on profiled socle with leafy edging, with protruding goldish supports with embossed ornament. Glazed doors with dead locks, gilded framing and arches are on the front and rear sides. Metal gilded ribbed inserts are in the vertical ribs. Arch-shaped apertures closed with golden lattices and light green cloth on the lateral sides’ inner surface.
    The dial is on the silvered clock face with engraved ornament. The dial with tree apertures for winding the clock escapement, strike and musical movement, with Roman numerals for hours’ designation hours, Arabic numerals for minutes every fifth division, two ornately shaped hands, an arc-shaped aperture for escapement displaying and trapezium-shaped aperture for displaying the date. Two small dials for turning off the strike and the striking mechanism frequency adjustment with golden hands, with the inscription above: “Stepn Rimbault / London”. The clockwork is pendulum, the pendulum lens with engraved ornament, with eight-day period winding, verge escapement, quarter chime on eight bells, three spring engines and fusees. Engraved foliage ornament is on the mounting plate rear side. The key is in the set.