Mantel and Table Clocks

Musical hour striking mantel portico clock

    Musical hour striking mantel portico clock

    France, Paris

    The 1800s

    Ferdinand Berthoud

    Enamel, brass, metal, wood; gilding, casting, varnishing, mechanical works

    Height 47 cm

    On the dial: “Berthoud A Paris”; on musical movement: “3059”, on the nameplate: “Gorde na”, “Camb te”, “Temp la Stef a”?


    Gilded bronze clock  is mounted between the portico columns, that are in the form of the Egyptian style herms with phials on capitals; on oval gilded base on four cast feet. The clock is fixed on the black oval wooden base on four chiselled supports with the slot for protective dome. The clock movement is open, white enamel dial hours' graduation by the Roman numerals, the minutes designation by "15, 30, 60" , two hands and two apertures with rods for winding the clock and striking. Bezel  with slotted pattern and ribbed frame, the figure of eagle with outstretched wings on vine shoots is on the bezel upper part; two eagles with wreath and laurel branches - on the bezel bottom. Musical movement with sound comb, spring motor and pinned cylinder for four tunes is mounted in the base, winding hole is on the right side. Musical movement starts to play every hour or if desired. Brass plate with levers for the musical movement controlling, with explanatory inscriptions is fixed on the left side. The movement is pendulum, on silk suspender, pendulum lens with the slotted scene of feeding the female eagle by the eagle and chicks in the nest is in golden ring frame with relief ornament. The clockwork with lever escapement, one-day winding reserve, two spring motors, hour striking  on the bell, that is accompanied by one of four tunes. The key is in the set.