Mantel and Table Clocks

Musical clock with quarter hour chime and repeater

    Musical clock with quarter hour chime and repeater

    Great Britain, London

    circa 1715

    Claudius Du Chesne

    Steel, brass, glass, wood; painting, engraving on metal, silvering, mechanical work and carpentry

    Height 74 cm

    The abbreviated names of 12 months on the calendar scale: “Janu.Feur.Mars.Auri.May.Juni.Juilet.Aoust.Sept.Oct.Nove.Dece.” with indication of number of the days in each. On the index of the days of the week: Lundy.Mardy.Mercredy.Jeudy.Vendredy.Samedy. Dimanche” and the corresponding zodiac signs. On the first musical cylinder: “Marche des Grenadies de Prusse. Marche des Bostangis". On the second musical cylinder: “Aimable Vainqueur. ATumpet Minuett”. On the case rear side: “E3155”


    Clock in vertical wooden case decorated in the Chinoiserie style. Rectangular case with hipped roof. A drawer with three compartments and lock is in the socle. The case front and rear sides are covered by doors with arched glazed windows. Narrow glazed windows are in the side walls. All external surfaces of the case are decorated with images of flowers, birds, trees, people and buildings in the Oriental style. A dial shield with large clock dial and three small calendar chapter-rings is on the clock case facade. Musical movement activating lever and repeater cord are on the case right side. Clockwork with pendulum, verge escapement and three spring motors with fusee. Musical movement with two interchangeable cylinders, twelve bells and twenty-four hammers alternately performs one of two melodies at the beginning of each hour.
    Three winding keys and two cylinders are in the set.