Mantel and Table Clocks

Musical mantel clock with automaton

    Musical mantel clock with automaton

    France, Paris

    circa 1840

    Le Roy & Fils

    Steel, brass, bronze, glass; casting, enamel, gilding, vermeiling, wood carving

    Height 58 cm


    Mantel clock is in the form of metal gilded Gothic tower mounted on wooden, decorated with carving, gilded stand on curly feet. White enamel round dial with two openwork nielloed hands, blue Roman numerals designating hours and minutes divisions are on the tower façade. The clock with suspended on silk thread pendulum. Synchronously operating musical movement and automaton control mechanism that are activated by button on the stand right side are mounted in the wooden the stand. The winding key hole is located on the stand front side. Two winding keys are in the set.