Mantel and Table Clocks

Mystery half hour striking clock

    Mystery half hour striking clock

    France, Paris

    circa 1850

    Robert-Houdin, Jean-Eugène

    Wood, metal, glass, velvet; casting, gilding, glass and mechanical works

    Height 50 cm


    The glass column base covered with dark velvet and decorated with cast openwork onlays is mounted on ornately shape wooden pedestal.

    The pedestal is a composition of four fancy combinations of birds’ heads, rocailles and volutes surrounding the ornately shaped vase with the installed double glass tube. The foliage composition shaped bracket is mounted on the tube top, it supports smooth bezel of round translucent dial with black Roman numerals and double concentric scale with large 15 minutes and small 5 minutes divisions. The axis of the gilded arrow shaped hour hand crosses the dial center. The hand has no visible connection with the clockwork and is driven in motion by rotating glass disc. The clockwork that is mounted in the pedestal has eight-day power reserve, half hour chime on the bell and balanced lever escapement. The movement from the clockwork to the hands is transmitted via rotating inner glass tube and worm gear. Three apertures for winding the movement and the hands’ adjustment are in the pedestal. The clock belongs to the third series of Mystery Clock by the French watchmaker Eugene Robert Houdin with transparent glass dial and one hand.

    The key for the hands’ adjustment and winding of the springs of the clockwork and the chime is in the set.