Mantel and Table Clocks

Musical automaton table clock

    Musical automaton table clock

    Great Britain, London


    Paul Rimbault

    Wood, lacquer, metal, silk, glass; painting, carving, engraving, casting silvering

    Height 13 cm

    On the movement mounting plate and sign: “Paul Rimbault/ Denman Street Soho/London”


    Musical clock in wooden black colored varnished case with floral ornament on the profiled base, with stepped moulding and brass gold-plated handle. Glazed doors with locks and ornately shaped onlays are on the front and rear sides. On the sides - The doors with locks, paintings and windows, covered with red fabric from the inner side are on the lateral sides. A button for arbitrarily turning on the musical mechanism and the automaton is on the left. Gold-plated onlays in the form of leaves and mascarons are on the corners of the brass dial face.

    The clock dial is ring-shaped, silver-plated with the repoussed central part, with the Roman numerals hours’ graduation and Arabic numerals in five divisions’ minutes’ graduation; with two curved hands. Sliding button for switching on / off the clock chime and musical movement is on the right-hand side.

    Volumetric model depicting rural landscape with moving figures of domestic animals and a dog is in the arch above the dial face. The clock mechanism is pendulum, with the frame suspension and pendulum lock in the transport position, with verge escapement, an hour gong chime, three spring motors and fusses.

    The engraved pattern is on the movement main plate and pendulum lens. The master's signature: “Paul Rimbault / Denman Street Soho / London” and three pins for the clock with chime, musical movement and automaton winding.

    The hours' chime is accompanied by the performance of one of the three melodies on three-paper music rolls arranged sequentially, on eight bells and fourteen hammers carillon, and simultaneous movement of domestic animals.