Mantel and Table Clocks

Table clock with musical movement

    Table clock with musical movement

    late 18th century

    Wood (walnut), metal (bronze), glass; carving

    84 x 45.5 x 21 cm


    Four feet walnut clock case is decorated with metallic edging of golden color. The clock is made in a form of a building. The case bottom and upper parts are separated by metal cornice; three semicircular windows covered with carved bars and separated by metallic golden columns are beneath it. Two rectangular windows, covered with bars as well, are above.

    Two apertures decorated with architraves, are on both sides, a cornice with two columns is below. The upper part around the perimeter is decorated with an openwork balustrade and six wooden figures. Two columns are mounted on the case top surface. They are holding a merry-go-round with figurines. All twelve figures are vintagers.

    The clock rear side is a door with two hooks on the bottom part.
    White round chapter ring with blue Roman numerals, black Arabic numerals and two hands is in the façade upper part.
    The movement is mounted inside the case. When the movement is activated, the music starts to play and the merry-go-round with figurines rotates every three hours. Simultaneously the figurines mounted on the bottom start to spin. The clock with half an hour chime.


    Инв. 2643/МММП