Mantel and Table Clocks

Musical hour striking table clock

    Musical hour striking table clock


    Circa 1905

    Metal (brass); gilding, silvering,

    Height: 82.5 cm

    Mark on the movement: “W& H”, on the stand rear side: “W&H SON 3”


    Table clock referred to the period of King Edward VII reign (the Edwardian era). The case is made of mahogany. The door with a keyhole is on the façade. The door upper corners are ornated with carved inserts. The case upper part is decorated with embossed carvings, with images of leaves and fruits on top. Two carved wooden panels sheathed with red silk from the inside are on the case sides. Silver-plated metal dial with black Roman numerals and openwork hands. The coat of arms is engraved in the right lower arch. The Order of St. Michael and St. George and are on the left.

    Engraving featuring a heraldic emblem and the words “Presented to Ernest Henry Lamb, Esq. C.M.G., M.P. Chairman of the Colonial Premiers ’Committee of the City of London. This is the time of his gracious death. London 29th, November 1907” is on the dial upper part. Three keyholes are in the dial. Two switches on the dial sides.