Mantel and Table Clocks

Hour striking table clock with automaton "Napoleon"

    Hour striking table clock with automaton "Napoleon"


    Circa 1840

    S. Marti et Cie

    Bronze, steel, brass, glass; casting, gilding, silvering, mechanical work

    Height 46.5 cm

    On the clockwork mounting plate: «3251», "S. Marti et Cie Médaille de bronze, Paris".


    Table clock in gilded metal case. Rectangular case comprised of flat panels is mounted on smooth socle and decorated with cast onlay plinth with floral patterns and acanthus leaves in the corners.

    Cast ornamental support with rosettes, palmettas and scroll-shaped feet is beneath the socle at the base front part. Round silvered dial with Roman numerals for hours’ designation, minutes’ division and two central blued Breguet style hands is on the case front side. Winding holes are near the marks for four and eight o'clock. Decorative cast onlays, surrounding the dial are on the front side. The automaton in the form of theater stage featuring a room with mirrored rear wall, round table and a globe on the stand is on the clock case top panel. Figure of Napoleon with the arms folded across his chest is standing in the foreground. Automaton is activated every hour as the clock strikes, the table and the globe begin to rotate, and Napoleon’s figure moves left and right and rotates. Decorative pediment with the figure of an eagle on the top is fix above the stage. The clockwork with lever escapement, with pendulum on silk suspension and an hour striking upon the bell.

    Winding key is in the set.