Mantel and Table Clocks

Mantel clock with automaton

    Mantel clock with automaton

    Great Britain

    late 18th century

    Paul Rimbault

    Brass, glass, enamel, shellac; turning, gilding, painting, engraving, carving, casting

    33.6 х 18.1 х 18.1 cm

    Inscriptions on the dial: “P. RIMBOULT”, “LONDON”


    Curved supports in the form of four acanthus leaves are fixed on the top panel of rectangular stand with relief ornament and platform for protective case. Round stepped platform with a figured rod and two fancy dragons supporting cylindrical body with a pineapple-shaped spire is mounted on the supports upper ends.

    Musical automaton: the scene depicting a shepherd leading a line of sheep across the ached bridge over the flowing river where a fisherman is fishing with the line in the water, detailed with small pierced aperture with horizontal spiral-twist glass rods, to simulate the flowing river, set within a forest, the left side with pierced aperture with vertical spiral-twist glass rods, simulating a waterfall. Musical and automaton movement: winded from the rear side, playing on the bells with eleven hammers.