Mantel and Table Clocks

Skeleton table clock

    Skeleton table clock

    Great Britain, Bury St. Edmunds


    Pace John

    Wood, brass, copper alloys; casting, metal carving, polishing

    Height 35 cm

    On the socle: “John Pace”, “Bury St. Edmunds ”,“ 247 ”, on the key “4.50 ”


    The substantial shaped 'plates' cast with a polished, bevelled edge and terminating in a pair of scrolls, on ornately shaped brass base fully signed in Gothic style copperplate script across the front edge, the pierced dial typically numbered with Arabic numerals within a dotted-minute border, the movement with a going barrel of two week duration, high count pinions and very delicate wheels of five and six crossings, with deadbeat escapement to a blued steel pendulum rod with halberd-shaped cast brass bob, regulated via a knurled screw at the apex of the frame, to the rear of the frame, a series of three pulleys linked by intricate fusee chain combine to drive the hands, the whole frame raised on a brass-bound ebony base.